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My name is Bryn Davies, and I've worked as a Developer since 2007 at companies like Lionhead Studios and Ubisoft Toronto. I say "Developer" because, whilst some of my time has been spent strictly as a Level Designer my actual role on my projects has been extremely flexible. I’ve covered a lot of game development disciplines, from Tools Programmer, Producer, Level Designer and Scripter. Recently I’ve worked as a Gameplay Designer, developing player characters with the character team and scripting prototype gameplay, as well as designing core combat and camera systems. Currently I work as Technical Director of Level Design at Ubisoft Toronto, which covers everything from tools development, pipeline and process, metrics, documentation, training and a great amount of technical issues to solve on a daily basis - just the way I like it!
Things that I love about my job: Complex technical / organisational issues, web development, documentation standards and systems, spatial cognition, prototyping, teaching.
I have a lot of history producing web content over the last 15 years and have used my skills in professional tools developement during several AAA projects. I also have a strong musical and technical audio background - I love playing the piano and previously trained as a Studio Engineer. Nowadays I still mix D&B and Breakcore when I get the chance.